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Bank grade security

Your security is our highest priority

Level one PCI compliant

You get a payment platform that’s rated Level One PCI Compliant, so you can rest assured we employ the highest security standards possible to protect your tate and information.

Ruthless automation

We ruthlessly automate, with a focus on infrastructure as code, security as part of the build process, and rigorous, continuous monitoring.

Strong defense

Our team is focused on a strong and iterative defense. We partner with industry leaders to help protect your data and our platform. We never store PII data in the financial transaction and partner with industry leaders to help protect your identity and money.

Intelligent transactions

We remove sensitive financial data from transactions, leaving you with peace of mind to focus on the movement of money.

Powerful protection

Our platform stores sensitive data at rest. We use strong cryptography with 256-bit keys, Galois Counter Mode, and practice consistent key rotation.

World-class analytics

We leverage machine learning to help recognize bad behavior and employ an in-house analyst team to act on those insights.

Rest easy knowing your customers are safe

Evolving along with the best financial technology

No more stress, and no more wondering. With our world-class security measures, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing you’re in the very best hands.