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Any financial institution can now leverage arcus' robust platform to pull data and push payments to all of their consumers’ financial liabilities. Thus, enabling any financial institution to easily become the hub of their consumers’ entire financial life.

Financial Hub for All Financial Institutions

Get actionable data that lets your consumers’ manage their entire financial lives from within your app.

Virtual Card for Banks

Fully automate card payments and renewals so you always maintain your bank’s top of wallet position.

our products

Our three core products are the building blocks for all of the solutions we provide to you.
Pull data from billers

Pull up to 50 data points from a biller; including amount due, statement balance, statement history, current payment method, and more.

Push payments to billers

Push programmatic scheduled payments to any biller - including utility bills, cell phone bills, credit cards, student loans, personal loans, mortgages and more.

Push card updates to merchants

Push card updates to top billers and merchants. Virtual cards and tokenization support allow you to eliminate false card declines and minimize security breaches.

other solutions

We give you a suite of solutions

These are combinations of our primary three products - designed to meet your specific requirements.

Programmatic debt consolidation (xData & xPay for credit cards)

Scheduled paying off multiple credit cards with one loan.

Safe-to-spend (xData)

Give your consumers peace of mind, enable them to asses their ability to pay off their next month’s bills on time.

Balance transfers (xPay for credit cards)

An easy, turnkey method for transferring credit card balances.

Alternative credit evaluation (xData)

Track consumer’s bill payment behavior as a way to evaluate credit-worthiness.

Credit card transaction data (xData)

Retrieve credit card transaction history and data.

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