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One integration, three products

One integration, three products

You can now leverage the robust Arcus platform

Our suite of products provides a seamless flow of data that allows for easy payments solutions at any scale.

Our products

Meet xData, xPay, and xChange

The technology behind our three core products powers great products and next generation payments solutions for FSPs and merchants.

Harness data and safeguard payments

Track payment data and get real time customer insights to help drive your business. xData allows you to leverage data points from payments including amount due, statement balance, statement history, current payment methods, and more.

Digitize your payments operation

A quick and cost effective digital payment processing platform, xPay lets your business develop, iterate, and launch the digital payment solutions you need. It’s flexible, secure, and reliable, and gives you control and oversight over payments in real time. Use xPay to pay for everything, including bills, credit card debt, utilities, student loans, rent, and much more.

Create a seamless payment experience

Build an integrated payment experience for your customer with xChange, which shares real time account information between participating merchants and FSPs. xChange automatically updates card-on-file information, ensuring uninterrupted service and payments for cardholders. xChange is FSP initiated and at no cost to merchants.

Arcus for Financial Service Providers

Arcus’ powerful technology enables you to provide a superior user experience and become the central hub for your consumer’s financial life.

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Arcus for Merchants

Our API empowers you to increase authorization rates, prevent late fees and service disruption, increase sales, and improve customer experience.

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