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Increase authorization rates and decrease customer churn

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Create a seamless digital payments experience

Arcus has developed a real time data sharing connection designed to improve the payments experience for merchants, financial service providers (FSPs), and their shared customers.

Our suite of products makes it easier for merchants to accept both card and traditional bill payments, and gives merchants crucial data about their consumers’ payment behavior.

The xChange API currently serves as a real time account updater that is FSP initiated and at no cost to merchants. It helps increase authorization rates, reduce churn and reduce account updating and customer service costs.

Expanded coverage of account updating for fraud

  • The problem: Major issuers do not submit cards for updating that were reissued due to fraudulent activity, which means legacy account updaters are potentially missing 47% of all reissued payments cards. This is due to the fact that legacy account updaters do not provide the issuer the ability to target card updating.
  • The solution: Arcus xChange is issuer controlled, which means the issuer can feel confident knowing they are targeting the right merchants for update.
  • The product: xChange

Close the account updating time gap

  • The problem: Account updating, as it stands today, takes a LONG time. This is because it takes the customer 7 – 10 business days to receive their new card and an additional 7 days to activate it. When all is said and done, an account update using legacy updaters actually takes close to 2 weeks after card reissue.
  • The solution: Arcus xChange is Issuer controlled, and real time, meaning that the Issuer can push card to Merchant as soon as it has been reissued. This means the Merchant will receive the card immediately after reissue, not 2 weeks after.
  • The product: xChange

Increase authorization rate and decrease customer churn

  • The problem: Lack of coverage, time gaps, and legacy technology leads to declines that could have been easily prevented.
  • The solution: Arcus xChange provides superior coverage and instant real time updates, all through a modern RESTful API, immediately increasing authorization rates and reducing customer churn.
  • The product: xChange

xChange is FREE for merchants

  • The problem: Account updating costs money for merchants, which we never understood, adding an unnecessary cost of doing business to merchants who are already buried in fees.
  • The solution: Arcus xChange is free for our merchant partners, because you deserve a break.
  • The product: xChange

Efficient bill pay

  • The problem: Traditional bill pay is inefficient. Consumers are looking for a seamless digital bill pay experience in a centralized location.
  • The solution: Arcus makes it faster and easier to accept payments from consumers, for anything from debt payoff to digital bill pay to cell phone top ups.
  • The product: xPay

Two-way data connection

  • The problem: It is often difficult to obtain comprehensive and up-to-date card information for users from financial institutions.
  • The solution: Arcus provides automatic card updating and a two-way data connection, making it easy to access user information.
  • The product: xData

Why us?

Increase customer satisfaction and authorization rates

Receive real time payment data and up-to-date card information.

Ability to track card on file

The ability to proactively track card on file eliminates the possibility of card information being out of date.

Opportunities for new customer acquisition

Allows cardholders to create a new account for a merchant’s products or services via their online banking application.

Ability to query FSP system in real time for verified cardholder info

Will allow online merchants the ability to query the FSPs for cardholder information on-file for fraud prevention purposes.

Automated chargeback resolution

Opportunity to provide chargeback resolution for merchants utilizing card updates to reverse chargeback liability.

Collaboration between merchants and FSPs

Opportunity for merchants and FSPs to work together to create a more integrated card-not-present payment experience for their shared customers.

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