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Provide seamless digital payments in one location

Customer experience is overtaking price and product as the key brand differentiator for financial service providers (FSPs). A large component of this trend has been the rise of online payments, which have become the key user-oriented financial product. To keep up, FSPs need to build centralized, digitally-enabled , trustworthy, data-driven, and scalable payment platforms.

The Arcus API provides FSPs with the control, scale, and insight they need to build the perfect payment platforms, and improve both the daily financial decisions and overall financial health of their consumers.

Personalized payment solutions

  • The problem: Processing online payments should be cheap and easy, but customers lack control of their finances and FSPs struggle to develop personalized payment solutions.
  • The solution: Arcus makes it faster and easier to design personalized payment solutions for FSPs. Consumers are able to pay their bills either online or at any walk-in location, while FSPs can design a solution that works for them.
  • The product: xPay

Real time customer insights

  • The problem: Without the necessary data, FSPs struggle to build personalized products and experiences for their consumers.
  • The solution: Our technology allows you to gain real time customer insights by pulling data points from your consumers’ bill payment behavior, including amount due, statement balance, statement history, and current payment methods.
  • The product: xData

Increase authorizations rate

  • The problem: Lack of real time card updating leads to an increased number of card declines on merchant sites.
  • The solution: Arcus’ API allows merchants to receive real time, up-to-date card information for their customers, increasing authorization rates and reducing card-not-present declines.
  • The product: xChange

Consumer financial hub

  • The problem: The average consumer pays 10 bills per month across 10 different platforms. This is wildly inefficient and results in a negative user experience.
  • The solution: Arcus’ API gives consumers the ability to track and manage credit cards, loans, and utilities – all inside your platform. Instant alerts and payment scheduling allows consumers to say goodbye to late fees and service interruptions. Our intuitive and elegant service increases your customer retention and builds NPS scores, helping you become the center of your consumers’ financial lives.
  • The product: xPay + xData

Seamless card-on-file updates

  • The problem: When consumers lose their credit cards, it can take up to two weeks to get a replacement. This is inefficient for both the consumer, who must wait to pay their bills or shop online, and for the FSP, who loses revenue and top-of-wallet position.
  • The solution: The Arcus API enables consumers to seamlessly register their card information to all their service providers from inside their bank’s platform. Then, in the instance of a lost card, the FSP can automatically update payment information for their consumer. This eliminates false card declines and security breaches, while increasing consumer retention, accelerating new card activation, and maintaining top-of-wallet position.
  • The product: xChange

Why us?

Direct connection

Our API provides a direct connection between FSPs and merchants. No more inefficient middlemen.

Intense focus on customer experience

Integrate products and services that provide value to your consumers, including security and fraud protection, seamless user interface, and superior customer service.

Seamless integration

Offer a comprehensive suite of offerings that will consolidate your customer’s financial life under a single umbrella and provide them with greater ease and visibility.


Ongoing data capture mechanism and best-in-class data analytics allows you to study customer behavior and target customers over their lifetime with value-added products and services.


Opportunity to provide chargeback resolution for merchants utilizing card updates to reverse chargeback liability.

Hear directly from our partners

Happy Money runs on Arcus

Happy Money leverages Arcus to power their direct credit card payoff product


“Our partnership with Arcus makes it easier for our Members to pay off their credit cards, and we love that!”

Scott Saunders
CEO and Founder, Happy Money

Zoe runs on Arcus

Zoe leverages Arcus to consolidate loan data


“Arcus is the perfect solution for us to get intelligent financial data for our users.”

Andrés García
CEO, Zoe

Albo runs on Arcus

Albo leverages Arcus for bill payments data in Mexico


“Arcus has been an amazing resource for Albo in order to aggregate financial data.”

Angel Sahagun Fernandez
CEO, Albo

Qoins runs on Arcus

Qoins leverages Arcus for debt payments data


“In our search for a debt payments solution, it was clear that Arcus was the best partner for us.”

Christian Zimmerman
CEO, Qoins

Curu runs on Arcus

Curu leverages Arcus to automate credit building for the underbanked


“Arcus helps us make sure everyone has fair and equal access to credit.”

David Potter
CEO, Curu

Walmart runs on Arcus

Walmart’s Cashi leverages Arcus to facilitate bill data and payments


“Arcus has been a great partner to work with. Their technology allows Walmart-Cashi to deliver tremendous value to customers in Mexico, who can now pay for their bills and favorite services, at any time and from any place.”

Hai Habot, Sr. Director of Product and Strategy, Walmart