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20 Year Veteran Joins Arcus To Lead Merchant Relations

Dan Grijnsztein Recently Led Merchant Relations for Chase Merchant Services’ Largest Clients

New York City – May 6, 2019 – Arcus, the two-way platform powering financial data exchange between financial services and merchants, has hired Dan Grijnsztein as Vice President of Merchant Relations. Dan Grijnsztein brings nearly 20 years of experience in the financial industry to Arcus and most recently led the J.P. Morgan Global Corporate Bank Sales team responsible for consulting with J.P. Morgan’s largest merchant client.

Grijnsztein has been with J.P. Morgan Chase for 13 years, spending much of his career working with some of the world’s largest retailers to find solutions to some of their most challenging issues. He served as Executive Director within the J.P. Morgan Treasury Services unit before moving into his latest role at J.P. Morgan, Senior Vice President and Group Manager for Global Corporate Bank Sales. Prior to J.P. Morgan, Dan held various analysts and sales positions with Sears and Unisys. He holds a Master of Business Administration degree in Finance from the University of Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business.

“I’m ecstatic to be part of this team. What Arcus has built is a game-changing platform ” said Daniel Grijnsztein.

“The addition of Dan to our team not only symbolizes the rapid growth we are experiencing but exemplifies the direction and experience of our merchant strategy,” said Edrizio De La Cruz, CEO of Arcus. “We are delighted to have Dan’s expertise and talent drive our merchant relations”

About Arcus

Arcus is the two-way platform powering data exchange between financial services and merchants. The company delivers a simple and cost-effective way to move money and financial data at any scale between the two endpoints of the payments infrastructure, giving consumers an easy way to manage and improve their personal finances, and increasing customer retention for financial service providers and merchants. Arcus creates a more efficient experience for all participants in the financial ecosystem and is trusted by financial institutions ranging from industry giants to emerging financial technology companies. The company is based in New York City and launched in 2013 through Y Combinator. For more information, please visit

Regalii is now Arcus: a note from the co-founder and CEO

Last month, We were excited to announce Regalii’s new logo and brand – Arcus. We founded Regalii with the vision to improve people’s overall financial health and started off by providing immigrants with a better way to help their loved ones back home through a secure cross-border bill pay method. Our rebranding to arcus marks a significant milestone in our journey, providing an opportunity to reflect on everything that the original Regalii brand stood for, and everything that we aspire to become.

We’re in the midst of an unprecedented time for the North American banking industry. Banks like Citi, Wells BBVA, and others are launching PFM wallets that will make them increasingly integral in their consumer’s financial lives. Meanwhile, PFMs, like Clarity and Truebill, are reaching hundreds of thousands of active consumers. We believe that millennials and generation Z’s will gravitate only towards financial systems that provide 21st century tools around financial health. For this reason, we’re actively striving to be the pioneer platform for the future in both the growing fintech industry and the large banking industry, who we provide a service for as a mediator. For the past three years, we have been growing three products focused financial data and bill payments, with the spirit of helping our clients improve their consumers overall financial health. Thus, this wave of innovation fits squarely with our original vision of financial health. What has been our journey so far?

2013 – We founded the company at Y Combinator. The original model was based on cross-border gift cards and bill pay between the US and Mexico

2016 – We pivoted our product focus, stopping all original operations and started focusing on domestic bill pay operations, and renamed it xPay. Later in 2016, we announced the addition of xData and xChange to our product suite.

2016 – We pivoted our product focus, stopping all original operations and started focusing on domestic bill pay operations, and renamed it xPay. Later in 2016, we announced the addition of xData and xChange to our product suite.

2018 – We added a tokenization feature to our xChange product and signed three of the largest banks in the U.S. to pilot programsΩRegalii rebrands to Arcus to reflect the new direction the company took in 2016 and executed throughout 2017.

Why the new name?


(Latin) : /ˈar.kus/, [ˈar.kʊs] Definition: A hardened structure bent into bow or an arch. Arcus reflects the process of endurance, whereby a hardened structure is meticulously bent into a bow or an arch. A weapon of absolute precision. The ethos of growth through resilience is perfectly captured in this new brand.