the new protocol for financial health

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paper hurts everyone

Paper-based financial services is costing banks billions

Bills get paid by checks, credit cards are sent via snail mail. This is bad for banks, who lose billions due to false declines and customer attrition. It's also painful for customers, 68% of whom live paycheck to paycheck.

tokenized data is the answer

We've built a new standard for financial data

Connecting any financial institution with merchants. The two-way Arcus protocol pulls data (e.g., payments history, bill balance due) and pushes data (e.g., update virtual card on file) to recurring services (E.g Amazon, Verizon).

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virtual card solution

For Banks, Credit Unions and Card Issuers

Lost / stolen / reissued cards are the primary cause of false card declines, which causes a striking $118 Billion in lost revenue every year.

Arcus Protocol provides financial institutions with the power to instantly keep cards on file up to date and ready for billing. Tokenization support allows you to eliminate false card declines and minimize security breaches. Partners using our extremely powerful service have reported increases in consumer retention, accelerated new card activations and improved top of wallet positions.

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financial hub solution

For PFMs, Lenders and Kiosks

68% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck and have to pay 10 bills every month.

Arcus Protocol gives your consumers the ability to track and manage credit cards, loans, and utilities - all in one place. Instant alerts and payment scheduling allows consumers to say goodbye to late fees and service interruptions. This intuitive, elegant service increases consumer retention, building NPS scores, helping you become the center of your consumers.

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building a new infrastructure for financial health

Over 40 financial institutions run on arcus