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Revolutionizing the digital payments infrastructure

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The financial services system is broken

Financial service providers (FSPs) are increasingly looking to provide digitally enabled banking experiences to their users. As e-commerce continues to grow, online spending has become the key user-oriented financial product. However, the current payment infrastructure is wildly inefficient, affecting the overall financial health of consumers. Read


Of full-time workers live paycheck to paycheck


Of households are financially healthy


Of internet users make monthly online purchases

We’ve built a two-way real time API to provide one trusted, centralized, digitally-enabled banking experience

Arcus is revolutionizing the payments infrastructure. With powerful technology capable of building flexible solutions, our two-way API is designed to connect FSPs with merchants, allowing both parties to provide digitally-enabled payment experiences.

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We offer an individualized suite of products for both financial service providers and merchants

For Financial Service Providers

Our API provides financial institutions, fintechs, and retailers with the tools to help their users manage their personal finances, eliminate late fees, and reduce financial stress.

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For Merchants

Our API provides merchants with the tools to strengthen customer relations and increase sales, while reducing card declines and decreasing customer churn.

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